Monkey Group and Field Day Announce New Strategic Partnership

Monkey Group, an enterprise software, training and insights company dedicated to helping restaurant operators grow their off-premise sales and profits, and Field Day have announced a strategic partnership to help multi-unit brands staff last-mile marketing opportunities, deploying brand ambassadors to conduct community marketing and sales outreach specifically focused on each restaurant operators’ catering business.

Field Day works with large restaurant brands to understand their sales and marketing challenges and goals, and then aligns each objective with the solutions Field Day offers. Brand ambassadors employed by Field Day are tasked with driving brand awareness and excitement to targeted local businesses, so a navigational map is algorithmically developed highlighting which type of businesses to target within each assigned trade area.

“Once we define the challenge, the process then kicks into gear,” said Alex Nocifera, Founder and CEO of Field Day. “We aim to be responsive to a brands’ needs so we don’t acquire brand ambassadors until after we have our customer needs and geographies established. If it’s catering outreach, we’ll go about getting menus and apparel, conduct logistical scheduling and hold in-depth training sessions for ambassadors. Once those items are checked, we’re off and running.”
What gets reported back to the restaurant team is a list of sales leads, the map area covered, duration of field work, photos of the overall experience, and the number of sales collaterals distributed throughout the market. Every canvassing moment is tracked and documented within the Field Day platform along with pictures verifying the time spent.

“Field Day is the first national-local marketing solution to help Schlotzsky’s build awareness to drive sales for our amazing catering business,” said Brenda Thibodeaux, director of catering. “They have the data to target local businesses, the talent to physically hand out materials and free goodies to neighboring businesses, and a simple to use platform that helps us centralize our complex multi-unit system.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Field Day as another certified supply chain partner of our Off Premise Academy and Catering Institute,” said Erle Dardick, Founder and CEO of Monkey Group. “Our goal is to create a network of suppliers that have created innovative solutions that satisfy the best practices of our business framework that we identify as the five pillars of successful takeout, delivery & catering – leadership, centralized services, sales and marketing, operations and delivery. Field Day meets many of the criteria that we have set out to help make it easier for foodservice operators to take control of their off-premise operations,” added Dardick.

As part of this partnership agreement, Monkey Group and Field Day will engage in co-marketing and co-branding programs along with restaurant industry communications initiatives to better serve the industry.

About Monkey Group 
Monkey Group is made up of MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute, and Off Premise Insights. Using The Catering Institute business framework, 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Takeout, Delivery, and Catering, Monkey Group works closely with each brand’s executive team to drive strategic alignment, provide education for team members, and deploy the MONKEY platform. With MONKEY, operators have access to a full suite of off-premise functionality, including unified multi-channel ordering (online, mobile and call center), CRM, case management, catering sales team and lead management, integrated accounting functionality to manage business-to-business accounts, catering order production management, and delivery dispatch management. Learn more about the 5 Pillars at and for more information on Monkey Group, visit

About Field Day
Field Day was founded in 2015 with the mission to empower multi-unit brands with the knowledge and tools to systemize and structure their local field marketing efforts. The company is revolutionizing the way brands discover, activate, and measure local marketing, providing the first software-enabled field marketing solution for multi-unit brands to activate the last mile. For more information, visit



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