MonkeyMedia Software to grow b.good catering

MonkeyMedia Software has signed an agreement with Boston-based b.good to implement MONKEY, the No. 1 cloud platform for takeout, delivery and catering. MONKEY is the leading technology tool that will be used support b.good’s strategic catering efforts moving forward. The software will launch throughout the 40+ unit chain comprised of mostly franchised units in United States and Canada.

“MONKEY is the best catering software out there and will be extremely helpful for moving b.good forward,” said Erin Childs, vice president of catering, b.good. “The software is exciting and is energizing to our whole catering department. And, implementation was seamless.”

The rollout of MONKEY across each b.good location is actively underway and is a big part of their growth strategy moving forward. With its innovative menu offerings of bowls, burgers, salads and smoothies, b.good is a leader in the fast casual space and will continue to expand over the coming years.

“We are excited to grow the b.good catering platform as they expand into new markets,” said Erle Dardick, founder, MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute and Catering Insights. “As operators continue to fight for in-store restaurant sales, catering is one way they can add incremental and instrumental profits to their bottom line.”

The MONKEY platform is a comprehensive web-based solution for takeout, delivery and catering channels and includes:

  • Online / Mobile-web/Phone-in Ordering for Catering, Delivery and Takeout
  • Customer facing experience for online and mobile-web to match your online presence
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Order Management – Load balancing of orders
  • Integrated Accounting – House Accounts, Manage A/R, Deposits, Credits, etc.
  • Customer Case Management
  • Catering Orders Production Management
  • Catering Sales Team and Lead Management Tools
  • Delivery Management Tools
  • Advanced Delivery Management via Bringg
  • Credit Card Gateway Interface to Credit Card Processor of choice
  • POS Integration
  • Enterprise and Local Restaurant Reporting
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Loyalty Partner interface
  • Licensing support for United States Patent Nos. 6,384,850; 6,871,325, 6,982,733 and 8,146,077

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