NCR partners with DoorDash, Grubhub

NCR Corp. has partnered with DoorDash and Grubhub to automatically integrate delivery orders into restaurant POS systems. The partnership will eliminate the need for restaurant employees to manually input orders for delivery into POS systems using the NCR’s Aloha POS solution set.

The partnership was formed based on feedback from NCR customers and creates increased value for NCR customers by eliminating the manual step. NCR targeted DoorDash and Grubhub to initially launch the partnership; however, the company is in talks with several other third-party delivery providers to roll out similar integrations.

“From an NCR perspective, we looked at what was going on in the industry and the trends. It was clear delivery was a looking trend and what we saw was an opportunity to simplify the process,” said Don Zimmerman, General Manager, Hospitality Solutions Group, NCR Corp. “I think we relish the opportunity to be a market leader whenever we can and we have a responsibility to evolve as our customers need us and expect us to. That’s how we would view this as an innovative move that creates value for all the parties.”

According to Grubhub’s public relations manager, Sara Tumen, the POS integration will solve several key challenges for restaurant operators who use the delivery service.

“The integration of POS technology will make restaurant operations more efficient. It will allow restaurants to more effectively staff, save time on menu updates, consolidate financials and free up space on the crowded delivery tablet counter. The time saved will allow restaurant owners to focus on making great food and continually improving their service level for diners,” Tumen said.

Grubhub and DoorDash are also speaking with other POS companies to deliver similar integrations to restaurant operators.

“Third-party delivery is a critical part of any restaurant’s operations today. By developing these types of integrations we hope to lower the barrier for restaurants to engage with DoorDash and make fulfilling delivery orders even faster and easier for our partners,” said Toby Espinosa, Head of National Partnerships at DoorDash. These types of partnerships are a win/win for everyone on the platform. They make deliveries more accurate for customers, they simplify operations for restaurants, and they make deliveries faster for [customers].”

Moving forward, Zimmerman believes more such partnerships will take place because of the value add it provides for the industry as whole. NCR started to work on the partnerships in 2016 and the company is now in the process of waiting for completion of the technical aspect of the deals. Once the technical work is complete, they integration will go live.

“Since announcement, we have heard from several customers who are excited about taking out that manual step,” Zimmerman said.

Both representatives from Grubhub and DoorDash agree that delivery companies can, and should, help standardize third-party delivery expectations for the industry.

“The role of third party delivery companies is to connect diners with local restaurants and provide a delightful and seamless experience for both,” said Tumen. “POS system companies have a deep understanding of restaurant management needs, which makes them a great partner for delivery companies that help streamline restaurant management, efficiently manage delivery, and deliver data to restaurants so that they can best serve their diners.”

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