Restaurant Symposium to address off-premise metrics, channel differentiation

The 2018 Restaurant Takeout, Catering and Delivery Symposium will take place June 19 in Denver, and is expected to highlight best-in-business operations in regard to tracking, building and maintaining off-premise sales.  The Symposium is open to all c-level executives and directors tasked with building and promoting restaurant takeout, catering and delivery operations. (Click here to register.)

The Symposium, now in its fourth year, will kick off with a keynote address from Erle Dardick, founder and CEO of MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute and Catering Insights, and industry trends and data expert Darren Tristano. The keynote will take a deep dive into never-before-seen data about off-premise operations. The data will reveal market size, and expected growth, and will relate the findings to a business framework operators can easily adopt.

Other key Symposium topics will focus on the 8 areas of investment for off-premise success, highlighting 89 key performance indicators to measure daily performance and execution. Additionally, topics discussed will include channel differentiation between takeout and catering, how to build off-premise sales, the technology blueprint for success, and ways to leverage third-party marketplaces for delivery and other services.

“In today’s restaurant operating environment, there is no way out of joining the off-premise shift that has taken place. Therefore, the only way to handle this shift, as operators, is to come up with new solutions that we can deliver to the marketplace,” said Erle Dardick, founder of the Monkey Group of Companies. “This Symposium will address what those solutions should be and will give operators an off-premise business strategy they can immediately go back and implement.”

The Symposium was created four years ago as a way to educate off-premise leaders on how takeout, catering and delivery is impacting the market, and to help them overcome the challenges associated with each.

The Symposium is currently sponsored by Accurate Box, Cambro, Dinova, EzCater, Inktel, LBP Manufacturing, MonkeyMedia Software, Par-Tech Inc., Precision Services, PepsiCO, Southern Champion Tray, The Catering Institute, Vesture, Voice Teleservices, WhirleyDrinks, and WNA.

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